3 Steps to Creating a Company Website

Having a website is a must for any business that wants to be taken seriously in modern times. A website will attract customers and show any potential clients that the company is professional and serious. The quality of the website can relate to the quality of the business, so it is important to make a professional website that looks and works well. It is best to hire a creative marketing agency to build the company website as they have experts who can create a top quality website. If you think you are able to do it yourself, here are the 3 main steps to creating a company website:

  1. Select a Platform

These days there are many platforms that help to begin building a website such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These platforms make building a website much easier, offer a lot of flexibility with size and functions, and will be responsive on all digital devices.

  1. Choose a Host and Domain Name

A domain name is the official name of your website, but you will have to check which options are available. This is a chargeable service but is very affordable and looks much more professional. Hosting is the service that connects your site to the internet and will make sure it loads quickly.

  1. Set up and Edit the Website

Once the first steps have been completed it is time to begin building and editing the website itself. This can be completed either through the platform or manually.

Choosing a New Toilet for Your Bathroom

Choosing a new toilet may seem like an easy job, after all a toilet is a toilet. However, there are many different kinds of toilets and lots of things to think about when selecting the right one for your bathroom. The perfect toilet for an occasionally used guest bathroom will be poles apart from the perfect toilet for a busy family bathroom. There are affordable toilets and expensive toilets, prices will range depending on factors such as durability, quality, design and efficiency, as well as colour selection, quietness, ease of cleaning, flushing mechanism and water saving possibilities.

  • Design – The basic design that a toilet can have is either one-piece or two-piece. A one-piece has a streamlined design and no tank behind, so it is easier to clean. A two-piece is usually cheaper, but is harder to install as there are two parts that attach to the wall and floor. Most ranges and brands of toilets such as Abacus Vessini offer both one-piece and two-piece toilet options.
  • Size – Some standard toilets can be small and uncomfortable for bigger people, so there is the option of getting an elongated toilet with a larger seat that makes it more convenient to use.
  • Height – The normal height for a toilet seat is around 15 inches, however for people that have difficulty getting up and down or for tall people, there are elevated toilets available which are between 2 and 4 inches higher than standard toilets.