4 Driving Ranges in Surrey

A driving range is a place where golf players can practice their swing. Some players come here to improve their techniques, and others enjoy it as a recreational activity. Driving ranges can be found at most golf courses as well as separate facilities that are usually in urban areas. Surrey is well known as one of the top counties in the nation for golf courses. Players flock here from around the country to play golf on some of the renowned courses. As there are a great number of golf courses, there are also a lot of driving ranges. If you are looking for a golf range Surrey, here are the top 4.

  1. Addington Court Golf Centre

This large driving range in the north of the county has 32 bays. On site there is also an 18-hole course that has a rather low price tag compared to most other courses in Surrey.

  1. Grayshott Golf Centre

Not only are the 23 bays here covered, they are also heated and floodlit meaning you can play at any time of the day, or year! Grayshott is located in the Southwest near to Haslmere, and there are lessons and swing analysis equipment available if you want it.

  1. LetsRace – LetsGolf

LetsGolf is located within the LetsRace complex in Horley. Here is a unique experience – a virtual golf driving range. Using top of the range simulators you can play golf in a whole new way.

  1. Chessington Golf Centre

Located in Chessington South, here are 18 floodlit bays with automated tees.


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