As Above, So Below…Why Ground Cleaning Is Just As Important!

Most times, we find ourselves concentrating so much on roof cleaning that we forget how vital ground cleaning is. It’s safe to say we turn a blind eye to this. Why? Because ground-cleaning is probably the toughest task out there! Oh my God, there’s the changing weather, the constant battles with moss and black fungi, and let’s not forget the random moments where we suddenly drop a grocery bag and out comes a tray of eggs causing havoc on the front porch! Lazily, we wipe off the slime with a rug and get back to our chores, not knowing we’ll soon be visited by a host of various insect colonies looking to satiate themselves from the raw egg remnants. Ewww….let’s not even go there!

Folks, it’s business as usual for the thousands of bacteria and fungi that have thrived undetected on your front porch. You know, doing all sorts of things fungi do. Getting married to themselves, reproducing the next generation of fungi to ‘inherit’ your porch, oh and planning how to get to the ‘promised land.’ By that, we mean through the front door and into your kitchen, bathroom, or even your bedroom! Jokes aside, here’s where things get increasingly dangerous health wise for you and your family.

And that’s why ground cleaning is so important. In fact, we recommend you prioritize it on a weekly if not monthly basis. Instead of bending backwards to get the job done, our efficient roof cleaning Berkshire service can effectively do this for you at an affordable price!


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