As Above, So Below…Why Ground Cleaning Is Just As Important!

Most times, we find ourselves concentrating so much on roof cleaning that we forget how vital ground cleaning is. It’s safe to say we turn a blind eye to this. Why? Because ground-cleaning is probably the toughest task out there! Oh my God, there’s the changing weather, the constant battles with moss and black fungi, and let’s not forget the random moments where we suddenly drop a grocery bag and out comes a tray of eggs causing havoc on the front porch! Lazily, we wipe off the slime with a rug and get back to our chores, not knowing we’ll soon be visited by a host of various insect colonies looking to satiate themselves from the raw egg remnants. Ewww….let’s not even go there!

Folks, it’s business as usual for the thousands of bacteria and fungi that have thrived undetected on your front porch. You know, doing all sorts of things fungi do. Getting married to themselves, reproducing the next generation of fungi to ‘inherit’ your porch, oh and planning how to get to the ‘promised land.’ By that, we mean through the front door and into your kitchen, bathroom, or even your bedroom! Jokes aside, here’s where things get increasingly dangerous health wise for you and your family.

And that’s why ground cleaning is so important. In fact, we recommend you prioritize it on a weekly if not monthly basis. Instead of bending backwards to get the job done, our efficient roof cleaning Berkshire service can effectively do this for you at an affordable price!


4 Driving Ranges in Surrey

A driving range is a place where golf players can practice their swing. Some players come here to improve their techniques, and others enjoy it as a recreational activity. Driving ranges can be found at most golf courses as well as separate facilities that are usually in urban areas. Surrey is well known as one of the top counties in the nation for golf courses. Players flock here from around the country to play golf on some of the renowned courses. As there are a great number of golf courses, there are also a lot of driving ranges. If you are looking for a golf range Surrey, here are the top 4.

  1. Addington Court Golf Centre

This large driving range in the north of the county has 32 bays. On site there is also an 18-hole course that has a rather low price tag compared to most other courses in Surrey.

  1. Grayshott Golf Centre

Not only are the 23 bays here covered, they are also heated and floodlit meaning you can play at any time of the day, or year! Grayshott is located in the Southwest near to Haslmere, and there are lessons and swing analysis equipment available if you want it.

  1. LetsRace – LetsGolf

LetsGolf is located within the LetsRace complex in Horley. Here is a unique experience – a virtual golf driving range. Using top of the range simulators you can play golf in a whole new way.

  1. Chessington Golf Centre

Located in Chessington South, here are 18 floodlit bays with automated tees.


What Makes an Accountant A Great One?

It can be tricky to hand over the financial health of your company into an accountant’s hands. When you do so, make sure you’ve chosen the best person for the job; select a great accountant, not just a good one.


  • High-level Conceptual Plans and the Details Do Not Escape Their Attention

Does your accountant Kent get excited about your businessplansand vision? If not, it might be time to change accountant or accountancy firm. Great accountants can see both the details and the bigger picture and often get excited about the possibilities.

  • Do They Have Plans ForGrowth?

If they don’t seem to have any vision or plans to help you grow your business, then perhaps they are in the wrong business themselves! Great businesses grow and change. And great accountants recognise this AND have the aptitude to assist you in making it a reality.

  • They Should Be a Financial Whiz.

A great accountant has an absolute financial mastery and can read a P and L or a balance sheet quickly and with a unique insight that allows them to pinpoint and diagnose any ill health within the business. They understand that cash is king and know exactly how to garner it and how to grow what cash is already held by the company.

  • Relevant Experience

It goes without saying that the best accountant for you will be the one that has experience within your business’ field. Additional insights will be open to them and they can help give you the competitive edge.



Top 5 Reasons Why Bookkeeping is an Exciting Career

  1. You Can Work from Anywhere and at Any Time.

Due to the increase and efficiency in accounting software, working as a bookkeeper Kent no longer has to be an office based profession. You can work remotely, be a digital nomad. Being a digital nomad means freedom – the freedom to choose where you work and live, perhaps a beach somewhere! In some bookkeeping positions, such as payroll management, very little if any, time in office is required.

  1. You Do Not Always Require a University Education in Finance

Although the standard education route for bookkeeping is an accountancy and / or finance degree. Some bookkeeping tasks and responsibilities can be done by those who do not have the specific formal education.

  1. There are Always Bookkeeping Jobs Available

There are always companies and individuals who want, or need, to outsource their tedious data analysis and financial record keeping tasks. This means for you, the potential bookkeeper, you’ll never struggle to find work. The sector is booming and diverse, meaning a lot of room for movement within the field.

  1. It Can Lead to Other Frontiers

Once you have worked as a bookkeeper you will have garnered a host of transferrable skills that work across a wide and diverse range of sectors. Analytical skills and an attention to detail are valued the world over and in all markets!

  1. Bookkeeping Fights Alzheimer’s Disease!

Dealing with numbers and mathematics continually is scientifically proven to delay or assist in preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s. Work that is indeed good for your health!



The New Trend of Wedding Greenery

A recent wedding trend that is on the rise, both for uniqueness, style and budget saving, is using greenery and plants instead of flowers. Of course, flowers are traditional and beautiful, but they can easily take up a lot of a wedding budget if one is not careful. That is why many couples are opting to exchange the flower look with greenery such as ivy, eucalyptus, fern and more. This rustic look goes very well with country style weddings and looks chic at the same time. Some ideas with the new trend of wedding greenery include:

Ceremony Backdrop – A floral arch is beautiful, but can be expensive and may not always match with the style of the wedding. At a wedding venue Sussex or more rustic country wedding, an arch made of greenery or even just some hanging green garlands will make an interesting backdrop for the ceremony.

Bouquet – A bouquet made of greenery has more of a freshly handpicked look compared to a bouquet of flowers. The bridesmaid bouquets can also be made purely of greenery and only the bride can have flowers, or for a really rural look everyone can have a green, flowerless bouquet.

Hairstyle – If tiaras or even flower crowns are not part of the chosen hairstyle, a small spray of greenery pinned in to the hairstyle is a great way to look like a bucolic princess.

Centrepieces – Make the table centrepieces out of garlands of ferns or greenery around candleholders for a romantic, soft look.





Why Use Reversing Systems for Trucks

No matter the size of the commercial vehicle being operated, the use of an HGV reversing camera should be a top priority. Even with an experienced driver, large vehicles always have a higher risk of accidents when reversing compared to smaller vehicles due to the vast area around the vehicle and the amount of blind spots. Rear view and reversing cameras are one of the best ways to lower this risk and make reversing in a truck much more reliable, which in turn will save lives, time and money. A vehicle CCTV system will reduce the hazards that come with reversing a large vehicle such as damage to third party property, the vehicle, or injury to a pedestrian.

There are a large range of reversing systems for trucks available which have a number of cameras and can even offer video recording. These systems will enable drivers to manoeuvre a truck no matter the size with ease and confidence, precisely and safely. The benefits of reversing cameras for trucks include:

  • Increase in safety when reversing and manoeuvring.
  • Offer clear rear view visibility via a screen on the dashboard.
  • Provide recorded evidence of events for insurance companies and police if accidents do occur.
  • Can be fitted to all kinds of vehicles including buses, HGVs, trailers, caravans, tankers, vans, garbage trucks, sweepers, forklifts and more.
  • Create peace of mind for managers and employees for when incidents occur, as there is video evidence that cannot be edited.

3 Steps to Creating a Company Website

Having a website is a must for any business that wants to be taken seriously in modern times. A website will attract customers and show any potential clients that the company is professional and serious. The quality of the website can relate to the quality of the business, so it is important to make a professional website that looks and works well. It is best to hire a creative marketing agency to build the company website as they have experts who can create a top quality website. If you think you are able to do it yourself, here are the 3 main steps to creating a company website:

  1. Select a Platform

These days there are many platforms that help to begin building a website such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These platforms make building a website much easier, offer a lot of flexibility with size and functions, and will be responsive on all digital devices.

  1. Choose a Host and Domain Name

A domain name is the official name of your website, but you will have to check which options are available. This is a chargeable service but is very affordable and looks much more professional. Hosting is the service that connects your site to the internet and will make sure it loads quickly.

  1. Set up and Edit the Website

Once the first steps have been completed it is time to begin building and editing the website itself. This can be completed either through the platform or manually.

Choosing a New Toilet for Your Bathroom

Choosing a new toilet may seem like an easy job, after all a toilet is a toilet. However, there are many different kinds of toilets and lots of things to think about when selecting the right one for your bathroom. The perfect toilet for an occasionally used guest bathroom will be poles apart from the perfect toilet for a busy family bathroom. There are affordable toilets and expensive toilets, prices will range depending on factors such as durability, quality, design and efficiency, as well as colour selection, quietness, ease of cleaning, flushing mechanism and water saving possibilities.

  • Design – The basic design that a toilet can have is either one-piece or two-piece. A one-piece has a streamlined design and no tank behind, so it is easier to clean. A two-piece is usually cheaper, but is harder to install as there are two parts that attach to the wall and floor. Most ranges and brands of toilets such as Abacus Vessini offer both one-piece and two-piece toilet options.
  • Size – Some standard toilets can be small and uncomfortable for bigger people, so there is the option of getting an elongated toilet with a larger seat that makes it more convenient to use.
  • Height – The normal height for a toilet seat is around 15 inches, however for people that have difficulty getting up and down or for tall people, there are elevated toilets available which are between 2 and 4 inches higher than standard toilets.