Best Tips To Ensure A Safe Flight On A Private Jet

Like anything in this world there are the good and bad. Luxury private jet charter can come under the same heading. If you are looking to use a jet charter that is private for a company flight, then you need to decide on the best value for your money.

The FAA has standards that must be met for pilots, and pilots need to have done 1000 to 1500 flight hours of flight experience before being able to fly charter jets, or where fractional operators are involved. Often 2500 hours is required for fractional operations. These are operations where there are multiple owners of aircraft which command there use.

A number of charter companies use pilots of minimal flight experience as this can save money, as the more experienced a pilot is the higher the wage. Other charter companies use pilots with many hours of flying experience.

Before travelling with an air charter company there are a number of things that could be checked on to put one’s mind at rest. Check on the safety record of the company you may be planning to use. You can check with the FAA regarding this. Make a request for a report on a third-party basis for information on experience of pilot with the company. Is the company audited and what were the audit results?

Being able to obtain this information will give you an idea of what type of company the charter company you are deciding to go with is like, and whether it is up to your standards. Have you found a good company yet?




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