Branding Your Business Using Printing

Branding a business starts with many things such as a logo, a target audience, colours, fonts, a company message and more. These things however, are just the beginning of branding, and much more work needs to go in to getting your brand name seen and recognised. Even in this digital world, printed marketing materials are still vital in a successful branding campaign. With physical printed item featuring your brand, your target customers will find your name right in front of them. Make sure to use a professional printers in West Sussex or your local area to get the best quality print and show your customers you care about quality. Here are a few ways to use printed marketing to brand your business:

Direct Mail

Direct mail will land either in your customers’ hand or on their doorstep, either way it is ideal. This type of print can be a postcard, flyer, booklet or brochure.

Business & Loyalty Cards

These small cards can be shared between lots of people and kept easily in a pocket or wallet.

Brochures & Flyers

Present important information about your brand using brochures and flyers.

Stickers & Calendars

Customers love stickers as they can be used for fun to stick on any surface from a laptop to a car bumper, which also provides more advertising. People also like calendars to stay organised and you can make them stare at your brand every day.

Posters & Banners

Put up posters in busy areas and banners at popular events to get your brand noticed.

Press Releases

Press releases are powerful because if something is printed about your company then you may gain free advertising and access to a new reach of customers.

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