Great Activity Ideas For Nursing Home Residents

When working in a nursing home carrying out all the different carers jobs in Worthing, there’s so much that you need to do. One area that you may want to improve on to help the residents you care for is coming up with some great activities that they can do to have fun and keep them active in the day. If you’re wanting to bring some more fun to the nursing home, here’s some social activities that you can incorporate that may bring happiness to many.

  1. Birthday Parties – Many of the nursing home residents will find that their birthday will come and go without too much fuss. Instead why not make it policy to celebrate a resident’s birthday. You can see whether the other residents would like to help in decorating or baking cakes.
  2. Board Game and Cards – Another great suggestion to keep their minds active is playing board games and cards. Bingo is always popular amongst residents. Chess, Yahtzee or poker is always fun to try.
  3. Storytime – While it may seem strange, but reading a story to your elderly residents can help them as well. Those who are blind will appreciate the time and effort, and you can read chapters each day or each week.


Nursing home activities are endless when you can think of some of the great things that you can do. By taking the time to work out the best ones you can easily create the perfect pass-time for your elderly residents. So which one are you going to try first?



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