Branding Your Business Using Printing

Branding a business starts with many things such as a logo, a target audience, colours, fonts, a company message and more. These things however, are just the beginning of branding, and much more work needs to go in to getting your brand name seen and recognised. Even in this digital world, printed marketing materials are still vital in a successful branding campaign. With physical printed item featuring your brand, your target customers will find your name right in front of them. Make sure to use a professional printers in West Sussex or your local area to get the best quality print and show your customers you care about quality. Here are a few ways to use printed marketing to brand your business:

Direct Mail

Direct mail will land either in your customers’ hand or on their doorstep, either way it is ideal. This type of print can be a postcard, flyer, booklet or brochure.

Business & Loyalty Cards

These small cards can be shared between lots of people and kept easily in a pocket or wallet.

Brochures & Flyers

Present important information about your brand using brochures and flyers.

Stickers & Calendars

Customers love stickers as they can be used for fun to stick on any surface from a laptop to a car bumper, which also provides more advertising. People also like calendars to stay organised and you can make them stare at your brand every day.

Posters & Banners

Put up posters in busy areas and banners at popular events to get your brand noticed.

Press Releases

Press releases are powerful because if something is printed about your company then you may gain free advertising and access to a new reach of customers.

Great Activity Ideas For Nursing Home Residents

When working in a nursing home carrying out all the different carers jobs in Worthing, there’s so much that you need to do. One area that you may want to improve on to help the residents you care for is coming up with some great activities that they can do to have fun and keep them active in the day. If you’re wanting to bring some more fun to the nursing home, here’s some social activities that you can incorporate that may bring happiness to many.

  1. Birthday Parties – Many of the nursing home residents will find that their birthday will come and go without too much fuss. Instead why not make it policy to celebrate a resident’s birthday. You can see whether the other residents would like to help in decorating or baking cakes.
  2. Board Game and Cards – Another great suggestion to keep their minds active is playing board games and cards. Bingo is always popular amongst residents. Chess, Yahtzee or poker is always fun to try.
  3. Storytime – While it may seem strange, but reading a story to your elderly residents can help them as well. Those who are blind will appreciate the time and effort, and you can read chapters each day or each week.


Nursing home activities are endless when you can think of some of the great things that you can do. By taking the time to work out the best ones you can easily create the perfect pass-time for your elderly residents. So which one are you going to try first?



The 3 Ways You Can Damage Your Wooden Floors

Wooden flooring is a popular option in many homes due to the numerous benefits they offer including style, insulation and low maintenance. As long as the natural wood flooring is of a high quality like those at the Art of Living Group, it will be durable and good looking for a lifetime. Unlike other forms of flooring, wood is surprisingly easy to care for as long as you don’t ruin it through unnecessary mistakes.

  1. Mopping Too Often

Washing a wooden floor with water too regularly is unnecessary and can cause damage. Using excessive cleaning solution is also bad for the wood. Instead, a wooden floor can be swept and vacuumed on a regularly basis and only cleaned with water when needed. The best way to clean a wooden floor with water is with a damp mop or cloth.

  1. Allowing Excessive Sunlight

Too much sun exposure can change the colour of the wooden floor and dull the shine. During the day when the sunlight is at its strongest it is best to close the curtains or blinds slightly to protect the floor.

  1. Sharp Objects

Caution must be used with sharp objects around wooden floors, as although wood is durable it is also soft and can be damaged easily. Even items such as high heels and pets’ claws can cause dent and scratch a wooden floor. The best way to solve this is by leaving shoes at the front door and trimming pets’ nails.

Best Tips To Ensure A Safe Flight On A Private Jet

Like anything in this world there are the good and bad. Luxury private jet charter can come under the same heading. If you are looking to use a jet charter that is private for a company flight, then you need to decide on the best value for your money.

The FAA has standards that must be met for pilots, and pilots need to have done 1000 to 1500 flight hours of flight experience before being able to fly charter jets, or where fractional operators are involved. Often 2500 hours is required for fractional operations. These are operations where there are multiple owners of aircraft which command there use.

A number of charter companies use pilots of minimal flight experience as this can save money, as the more experienced a pilot is the higher the wage. Other charter companies use pilots with many hours of flying experience.

Before travelling with an air charter company there are a number of things that could be checked on to put one’s mind at rest. Check on the safety record of the company you may be planning to use. You can check with the FAA regarding this. Make a request for a report on a third-party basis for information on experience of pilot with the company. Is the company audited and what were the audit results?

Being able to obtain this information will give you an idea of what type of company the charter company you are deciding to go with is like, and whether it is up to your standards. Have you found a good company yet?




4 Reasons Why Tiles are Perfect in a Home

Tiles are one of the most versatile materials that can be used for building and interior design. As technology has advanced over the years, the quality, strength, cost and variation of tiles available has improved making them an even better choice for a home today more than ever. Here are 4 reasons why tiles are simply perfect when used in a home:

  • Amount of Choice

The amount of different types of tiles on the market is almost endless. There is a long list of choices when it comes to materials, styles, designs, shapes, finishes and colours. There are high quality options such as porcelain instone tiles that are affordable, long lasting and easy to maintain.

  • Low Maintenance

Tiles are so popular in homes as walls and flooring due to the fact that they need hardly any maintenance to keep them looking fresh. They are scratch resistant, moisture resistant and easy to clean. A regular wipe over should keep most tiles looking good as new even after years of use.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Tiles are insulating so can keep a home warm in the winter as well as cool in the summer. This can help a house to reduce their energy consumption. Tiles are also green as they are made of recyclable materials and raw materials such as glass, sand and clay.

  • Reasonable Cost

 Most tiles are very affordable and should fit in to the majority of budgets.