The 3 Ways You Can Damage Your Wooden Floors

Wooden flooring is a popular option in many homes due to the numerous benefits they offer including style, insulation and low maintenance. As long as the natural wood flooring is of a high quality like those at the Art of Living Group, it will be durable and good looking for a lifetime. Unlike other forms of flooring, wood is surprisingly easy to care for as long as you don’t ruin it through unnecessary mistakes.

  1. Mopping Too Often

Washing a wooden floor with water too regularly is unnecessary and can cause damage. Using excessive cleaning solution is also bad for the wood. Instead, a wooden floor can be swept and vacuumed on a regularly basis and only cleaned with water when needed. The best way to clean a wooden floor with water is with a damp mop or cloth.

  1. Allowing Excessive Sunlight

Too much sun exposure can change the colour of the wooden floor and dull the shine. During the day when the sunlight is at its strongest it is best to close the curtains or blinds slightly to protect the floor.

  1. Sharp Objects

Caution must be used with sharp objects around wooden floors, as although wood is durable it is also soft and can be damaged easily. Even items such as high heels and pets’ claws can cause dent and scratch a wooden floor. The best way to solve this is by leaving shoes at the front door and trimming pets’ nails.

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