The New Trend of Wedding Greenery

A recent wedding trend that is on the rise, both for uniqueness, style and budget saving, is using greenery and plants instead of flowers. Of course, flowers are traditional and beautiful, but they can easily take up a lot of a wedding budget if one is not careful. That is why many couples are opting to exchange the flower look with greenery such as ivy, eucalyptus, fern and more. This rustic look goes very well with country style weddings and looks chic at the same time. Some ideas with the new trend of wedding greenery include:

Ceremony Backdrop – A floral arch is beautiful, but can be expensive and may not always match with the style of the wedding. At a wedding venue Sussex or more rustic country wedding, an arch made of greenery or even just some hanging green garlands will make an interesting backdrop for the ceremony.

Bouquet – A bouquet made of greenery has more of a freshly handpicked look compared to a bouquet of flowers. The bridesmaid bouquets can also be made purely of greenery and only the bride can have flowers, or for a really rural look everyone can have a green, flowerless bouquet.

Hairstyle – If tiaras or even flower crowns are not part of the chosen hairstyle, a small spray of greenery pinned in to the hairstyle is a great way to look like a bucolic princess.

Centrepieces – Make the table centrepieces out of garlands of ferns or greenery around candleholders for a romantic, soft look.





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