What Makes an Accountant A Great One?

It can be tricky to hand over the financial health of your company into an accountant’s hands. When you do so, make sure you’ve chosen the best person for the job; select a great accountant, not just a good one.


  • High-level Conceptual Plans and the Details Do Not Escape Their Attention

Does your accountant Kent get excited about your businessplansand vision? If not, it might be time to change accountant or accountancy firm. Great accountants can see both the details and the bigger picture and often get excited about the possibilities.

  • Do They Have Plans ForGrowth?

If they don’t seem to have any vision or plans to help you grow your business, then perhaps they are in the wrong business themselves! Great businesses grow and change. And great accountants recognise this AND have the aptitude to assist you in making it a reality.

  • They Should Be a Financial Whiz.

A great accountant has an absolute financial mastery and can read a P and L or a balance sheet quickly and with a unique insight that allows them to pinpoint and diagnose any ill health within the business. They understand that cash is king and know exactly how to garner it and how to grow what cash is already held by the company.

  • Relevant Experience

It goes without saying that the best accountant for you will be the one that has experience within your business’ field. Additional insights will be open to them and they can help give you the competitive edge.



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