Why Use Reversing Systems for Trucks

No matter the size of the commercial vehicle being operated, the use of an HGV reversing camera should be a top priority. Even with an experienced driver, large vehicles always have a higher risk of accidents when reversing compared to smaller vehicles due to the vast area around the vehicle and the amount of blind spots. Rear view and reversing cameras are one of the best ways to lower this risk and make reversing in a truck much more reliable, which in turn will save lives, time and money. A vehicle CCTV system will reduce the hazards that come with reversing a large vehicle such as damage to third party property, the vehicle, or injury to a pedestrian.

There are a large range of reversing systems for trucks available which have a number of cameras and can even offer video recording. These systems will enable drivers to manoeuvre a truck no matter the size with ease and confidence, precisely and safely. The benefits of reversing cameras for trucks include:

  • Increase in safety when reversing and manoeuvring.
  • Offer clear rear view visibility via a screen on the dashboard.
  • Provide recorded evidence of events for insurance companies and police if accidents do occur.
  • Can be fitted to all kinds of vehicles including buses, HGVs, trailers, caravans, tankers, vans, garbage trucks, sweepers, forklifts and more.
  • Create peace of mind for managers and employees for when incidents occur, as there is video evidence that cannot be edited.

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